Why We Should Take A Break From Our Mobile Phones

3 days without phone and without internet. That must sound like living in an exile in this age of having ‘Fomo’. For the uninitiated ‘FOMO’  is the abbreviated version of – ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. Fear of not being connected enough and the feeling of being left out. No, I was not sent in an exile, rather I was continuing with my usual share of busy days. But the only difference was, I was living a ‘life’. How is that possible? That’s a hell of a story. Gear up.

Why We Should Take A Break From Our Mobile Phones
Why We Should Take A Break From Our Mobile Phones

 It all started 3 days back with my phone not recognising the lock pattern. After numerous trials and errors, and lots of my prayers, finally  I found myself in a mobile store, requesting the concerned people there to fix my phone as soon as possible. After all, the separation period had already extended to 10 long hours. But to my dismay, they dismissed my request and said it will take at least two more days to fix this. Wait what?? 48 hours more?? On top of that, I I would have to sacrifice all my data and photos stored in my phone. I was at a loss. It seems, living 3 days without my phone was not enough already. Anyway who cares? I came home with a sunken face.

But the real surprise awaited after that as I noticed something very strange. I hardly felt the absence of my dearest mobile phone. The phone, which is the very first  thing I lay my eyes on every morning, and the very last thing that I go to sleep with. It was unbelievable. I was not missing the phone at all. I was not missing scrolling the facebook feed, chatting with friends on my whatsapp, listening to music, and thousands of other things that keep me occupied every second of my leisure. What  really took me by surprise is instead of feeling jobless as I thought it would be, rather I was enjoying the absence of my phone. The absence was screaming at the top of its voice, but in a happy way.

 I felt a lot calmer and savoured each minute of the serenity offered. I got to know how it feels to live without the deadly yet camouflaging grasp of social anxiety. I loved not getting back to mobile every few minutes. I loved not getting glued to the virtual word which screams fake. I loved living in the present, and I loved the presence of other living and non living things that I hardly paid heed to earlier. I felt absolutely liberating not fettered to anything. I loved getting lost in my thoughts like past times, I loved wandering in the verandah because I was bored and loved not letting people know what I was doing.

 For the first time in many years, I watched a complete one day cricket match on television and did not get distracted in the middle of a brilliant, match winning catch or Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s terrific running between the wickets. It did not take a fb post to know about the win. I knew because for the first time in many years, I shouted “hurray” after the winning run scored . It felt surreal to be very honest. It felt just like happy old days. And on top of that,I got my old friends back.  The dusted story books, the cornered radio, unfinished diaries. Who cared about a mobile?? I did not. I did not want to. I was no more complaining. Why would I??

These 3 days were a revelation for me, a much needed cooling breeze, a long awaited reunion with my past best friends and companions. But every happy phase comes to an end. As did mine.  I really wished that it would take more time to fix the phone. But it arrived. As they handed me over my ‘dearest phone’ ,I smiled a little and looking at the phone I murmured “Thanks for the trouble”.

We may not say it aloud, but sometimes we all do want to get back to the days, when there was no social media but there was soulful social interactions, that soothed our mind unlike now when depression creeps in us silently even if we pose for a happy smile in social media. We may not say it aloud, but we all know playing in the ground with friends and being cradled with the soil was thousand fold better than playing pubg over our little mobile screen.  We may not say it publicly, but deep in our heart sometimes we all want to leave this addictive virtual world and date back to those golden days, when ‘CARPE  DIEM’ was the main mantra for living.  Is not it?

Unlike mine, your mobile phones may be the obedient ones causing absolutely no trouble to you, but who said you can not be the naughty one? So this time, make it a point to create a little trouble and break out from the prison named mobile. The joy will be unmatched, I promise. You can thank me later.

Written By- Sohini Ghosh

Why We Should Take A Break From Our Mobile Phones
Why We Should Take A Break From Our Mobile Phones

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