Types Of People We Come Across In Train

It’s Monday again. That dreaded day of the week we all hate to face. For after two days of little sabbatical we are again forced to resume our work. And except some extremely lucky people, most of the others have to take the exhaustive and physically draining journey to reach their workplace, be it college, school or office. 

When I say journey, presumably it is mostly train journey. You may hate it but you can not deny the fact that this train journeys have been an integral part of our lives, that you can not do away with.  And I have only a question to ask to all the daily train passengers, who swear on taking another journey by train. Have you ever taken a moment to observe your co-passengers? Maybe that could spice up your daily drudgery.

Every single day, you may have some new co-passengers, but their types will be constant. We will talk about the types of people we come across each time we board a local train. Let’s start our journey.


They are unbelievable. Over the years, they have acquired this special quality of falling asleep in the most adverse of situations. Be it in the jostling crowd or deserted compartment or in a hanging position, they are mostly seen with their head bent in a certain angle and eyes closed.

Types Of People We Come Across In Train

Having a bulging belly is one of the most common features among them and sometimes they receive flak from the fellow passengers as the monstrous sleeping fit  makes them rest their head on adjacent passenger’s shoulder. But that does not deter them from falling asleep again. But surprisingly, just before their destination comes, their eyes open like magic and without batting an eyelid they descend from the train. How do they do that?

  • The Gossipmonger:

They arrive in a group and they own the entire compartment like it’s their own. Mostly they are loud , noisy and consider the compartment as their drawing room. Current political scenario of the country, Cricket, football,  in-laws and maids, education, children , nothing can escape their gossip radar. To be honest, they are quite good entertainer. Getting bored in train? Keep an ear or two to their variety of discussions, and you will be thrilled to know about their hard earned knowledge. If lucky, you may encounter some deep secrets too. All the best.

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  • The  lost one:

Window seat and music is their favourite combination and once they get it, they get lost in their world of fantasy and imagination. Mostly you will find them beside the window seat, earphones plugged into ears and eyes glued to the speeding background.

Types Of People We Come Across In Train

Often oblivious to the surroundings, they have no idea what’s happening around them. They love being in their world and they even get irritated if someone tries to approach them. Hardly can you hear them speak and once their destination comes, they deboard without making any eye contact with anyone, earphones still plugged into ears.  Well, that’s a lot of swag. What do you say?

  • The Talker:

Alike the previous one, they also belong to their own world while traveling by train but, unlike the former one, they are not silent. They are quite loud and mostly found with a cellphone pressed against their ear.

And along with the person on the other side of the phone, all the people remaining this side get to know about his/her problems and where-abouts. From the time you board the train to the time you detrain, they are all over the phone, baring their lives to everyone and making weird faces.  Quite a talker, huh?

  • The Friendly One:

Every now and then you will meet this type of people  and if by chance you sit adjacent to them, you will never know how time flies. Mostly traveling alone, these people can not sit quietly and they feel it hard to keep it to themselves.

They will start with a smile and-“Hey, Where are you going?” and after a while you will have known every single details of him/her and vice versa. If you are lucky enough, you may find a likeminded friend in him/her. Who can say, you can also meet your soul mate while traveling in train, just  like Rahul and Chinamma did in ‘Chennai Express’. Someone rightly said- ‘Never say never’.

Types Of People We Come Across In Train
  • The Buyer:

I can’t tell about others, but this type of people must be loving the train journey for they get to check on and buy a wide variety of commodities  without moving an inch from their seat.

They are familiar to every hawker that comes and make sure they buy atleast one item from each. Starting from handkerchiefs, bags , towels to jewellery, their quota for shopping never ends. Did I miss the food items? Well, add that too.

  • The Daredevil:

Here comes the wanna be heroes. It does not matter whether the compartment is crowded or not, you will always find them near the door, leaning dangerously against the edge.

Having unbuttoned shirt and unkempt hair are their common features. ‘I do not care’-is their common slogan. They do not stop here only, clicking selfie while posing dangerously is one of their heroic antics and no request or suggestion can deter them from showing their heroic  potential and moves. After all they are just one step away from becoming the next ‘Superman’ or ‘Spiderman’. Pheww.

  • The Observer:
Types Of People We Come Across In Train

This is the last type of the people and quite rare too. Unlike others, they are astute observers of people and derive pleasure from meeting new people in train and getting to know about them.

This type includes  mostly the writers and novelists.  Sometimes they undertake the train journey with the sole purpose of discovering a new interesting character for their novel or story. So if you are lucky enough, you may get a place in their story  with a new name.

So, this was my list of the people we commonly come across in train. Do not forget to let me know what your list contains and what type you are.  Hope you find this post quite relatable.

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