Most awaited title movies not reached expectations.

The Movie titles are very catchy and will be attracting for all and to be spreading widely in the society. And moreover, the titles are related to a story of the movie. The story finally founding a thing as a moral, it is the title things of the movie. Most awaited title movies not reached expectations. The Title describing the moral of the story, things expose with the characters in the movie. Sometimes the main thing depends on a person of the story, so the person name is a title of the story. sometimes the main thing depends on a situation, so a situation is a title for the story. Moreover, sometimes main things are based on dramatic things, so one of the choices is the title of thing movie. Bahubali is the title of the movie, the story is about the bahubali’s kingdom. All characters are supporting him, title hit, movie super hit all over. And the titles are describing hero characterization or the main theme of the movie. It will be creating hopes in the fans mind. Most waited titles are the created more hopes in the fans mind, which are failed to reach expectation of fans. Those are BigBoss, Top Hero, Anji, Jhony, Baba Most awaited title movies not reached expectations.


The most Famous title is Baba for Superstar RajniKant Movie. Could not be reached expectations. It is created unlimited hopes in Rajnikant Fans overall worldwide.


BigBoss super hit title for Magastar Chiranjeevi movie. Megastar most awaited film, it has created more expectations for mega fans. Moreover, BigBoss Could not reached to fans expectations.


Fans awaited more than five years watching this movie. In spite of this movie not reached expectations off all, graphics very well in have this movie never seen on Indian screen before. Anji movie have good graphics.


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's Super Titled movie is Jhony. More fans awaited for this movie eagerly. It is fully disappointed to Pawan's fans.


BalaKrishna's movie titled as Top Hero, but movie could not reach expectations.