Impact Smart Feature Things, Somethings Addiction Society Title Things

Impact Smart Feature Things, Somethings Addiction Society Title Things

Social Media is affecting several things in society, may use meet between smartphone friends instantly anywhere and at any time. By talk, visible, text chat, video chat like any kind thing may create a chance to meet them. And it brings stranger friends also or missed contacts of old friends. Somethings Addiction Society Title Things

Too much usage of social media, person out from his circumstances by physically. Technical things always attracting into the online world, like Facebook, Whats App, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ may walk online things. Limited use of anything good for human being mind, social media things also like that.

Video Viewing: Viewing videos in always, cause raises eye or health issues. Many entertain videos may be attracting mainly youth students. If eye issues raised long back, the current situation more peoples facing. Because of excessive usage of viewing videos on any small or big screens.

Many technical things, the industry needed things, society and needed personal things find by human being more from an environment. Good observation makes possibilities to create a new one. The better thing is to control the current situation. Henceforth, the human being should maintain things and thinks.

Smart Features very effect to resale for the smartphone of smart users thinking. Technology change features of a device very quickly, a new always creates curiosity in smart users thinks.

Smartphone or any other electronic device for entertain person, but should not addiction to that. Technology very helpful in society and the same time it is harming personality development.

How it is harming personality development things ?

If the person has no calculator, he finds regular mathematical calculation from his memory like addition, subtraction, multiply, etc. Not like he will use calculator regularly, had a chance to lose memory. Easy smart things or smart items may effect user memory.

In case a person feeds into a smartphone of everything of him. For example, if a person to do things listed as a reminder on his smartphone, he may lose his memory in the future. Because of these reminder things reduces remember things of a person.

Known always well thing for everyone, unknown may be getting confused at any time. Like that smart features may impact some persons without knowledge of same things to them. Confusion missed the clarity of things, known knowledge may brings from confused situation.

Many things succeed in attracting more users from their regular lifestyle unknown. Users may not much knowledge about uses. In spite of without knowledge of things, they ready to get new things. This type of curiosity gets confusion things from new. More things may currently create easy to get avail things, but long time those are harming society things. Like that Plastic bags, Smartphone radiation and person addiction to social media websites.

Generally, a person lives from long from such society things, such type of things like that technical gadgets(Laptop, Smartphone, Tabs, Smartwatches etc..), home needs (Refrigerator, Air-conditioner, Washing machines etc..) vehicles(Bikes, Cars etc..) and more. Those things are very useful for a person and then same things bring some kind of problems in future.

Society or environment is for lives human being traditional things. Those things describe how to use available things to reach life goal to the common man. So far those culture things combined with a common man living in several areas. As well as some new things mix for easy avail things. Although some new easy things also mixing in several types of things in society. But easy things causes make lazy to a person, it was elders talk.

How to get safe from smart harming things.

The smartphone released with great features, how it will perform in general things. Signal catching, Phone heating, Call function, Voice, Temperature, radiation, performance etc.. this kind of things needed to check. If phone signal catching is low, radiation will be the increase, it is a harmful thing. Basic features of the device more importance prior than trendy features.

Any technical gadget attracts with trendy features to a person, once if he has got it, it creates curiosity for upcoming gadget features. Maybe think gadget must be useful to the person, but not for addiction to that too. The noticeable thing, instant benefits maybe influence on needed things in future.

Generally, human being thinks for done work. If the person has too much thinking, collapse peace of mind. As well as sometimes trendy things cause may collapse traditional things. All things created by human being, now those things commanding to a person. Smartphone asking monthly network rentals, and it harming with radiation, a common man habituated with plastic in present situation.

Various types of things have in society, those give instant benefits, and may have the chance of harming in future. Moreover, those are associated with the common man living in society. Unfortunately, those unidentified by them, if identified after, those things mixed in life and society.


Society things may be affecting common men life, as well as those are affecting society. So good or bad, positive or negative mixed with common nature of many things. Select good things may apart from bad or negative things from social common nature.

I think it is not a conclusion thing, because the different type of things like good or bad may be title as good. Mainly avoid bad things from the mind is a better thing, the good thing always protects. Somethings Addiction Society Title Things

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Why we read about smartphone defects and effects, known thing always better than the unknown thing.

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