Football World cup 2018 (FIFA) Fixtures Schedules, title things online

Football World cup 2018 (FIFA) Champions France, title things online

Football World cup 2018 (FIFA) Champions France, title things onlineFootball World cup 2018 (FIFA) Fixtures Schedules, title things online for viewing in online. Most famous sport is football, worldwide famous thing. Moreover a lot of fans worldwide for it.

Where famous event starts in the world, many things raise in online, performance of favorite team players making curiosity in football viewers. If a big tournament starts, so many things create out. Those things like start with When, where, how etc.

The Tournament started on 14-06-2018 at Russia, and Russia – 3, Uruguay – 3 have points from Gropu A, Iran -3, Portugal -1, Spain -1 have points from Group B. France -3, Denmark -3 have points from Group C, Croatia -3, Argentina – 1, Iceland -1 have points from Group D.

France Is The Champions of 2018 Fifa World Cup, Russia Goals
Harry Kane England 6
Tournament Total Goals 169
Top Goals by Team – Belgium 16
Top Goals Match Between Bel-Tun 7

Group A

Team Points
Uruguay 9
Russia 6
Saudi Arabia 3
Egypt 0

Group B

Team Points
Spain 5
Portugal 5
Iran 4
Morocco 1

Group C

Team Points
France 7
Denmark 5
Peru 3
Australia 1

Group D

Team Points
Croatia 9
Argentina 4
Nigeria 3
Iceland 1

Group E

Team Points
Brazil 7
Switzerland 5
Serbia 3
Costa Rica 1

Group F

Team Points
Sweden 6
Mexico 6
South Korea 3
Germany 3

Group G

Team Points
Belgium 9
England 6
Tunisia 3
Panama 0

Group H

Team Points
Colombia 6
Japan 4
Senegal 4
Poland 3

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