Tips ToStay SafeOn Internet

Two days back, as I opened the start page of Google in my laptop, I stumbled upon a popup that appeared immediately. It was asking me to go for a security check . While thinking whether I should go for it or not, my eyes got etched to a sentence written in small letters underneath the pop up. It said-“5th Feb, Safer Internet Day”.

I was amused to learn that ‘browsing internet safely’  secured a place in a month, where  most of the days screamed  ‘Love’. Well, it made sense after  it hit me that love is no more ‘Ishq wala’, nowadays we call it  ‘Internetwala Love’.

I could not resist praising the humour and wit of myself having discovered this.  And as I was already screwing up my head trying to decide on my next topic for article, I thought why not this one? After all, Safety first!

So gear up as I will be empowering you with some valuable yet simple tips so that you can have a more secure online experience.
Tips ToStay SafeOn Internet
  • Secure Your Device:

We all have various apps in our phones, but the source of these apps do matter. If you are an android user, it is safer to download apps from Google Play Store. Built into devices with Google play, Google Play Protect secures our phone 24/7. It scans more than 50 billion apps every day, identifying potentially harmful apps and keeping them off our device or removing them.While Google play protect shields our devices , there are other ways you can ensure your device’s safety.  

Keep your screen locked with a unique password(pattern/pin). And it is desirable that you add your Google account on your device, that way you will be able to find it if it is lost or stolen. All you have to do is to visit and then you can locate, ring ,lock and erase your android devices. Easy, isn’t it?

  • Protect Your Data:

Data is important . So is keeping these data safe and private. Lots of time, we grant access to third party sites or apps without even realising, and that may prove fatal. So it is really important for you to understand the information that you share with these apps or sites.
Tips ToStay SafeOn Internet

And the good thing is that you do not have to do much to understand and fix that. A quick check on your phone can do. So while you sip your morning tea, spend a minute or two to skim through app permissions in your phone and make the right choice for you. Yes, as simple as that.

  • Be Aware Of The Fake:

Many people fall for unknown message or calls and give away their valuable personal information. And later on, they can not help regretting. Make sure , you do not become that person. And the best way to do that is to be aware.

Do not reply to dubious emails, instant messages or phone calls that require your personal information like passwords,bank account or credit card numbers, or even your birthday.
Tips ToStay SafeOn Internet

Be wary, as these messages can come from a site you trust. But make sure you do not clink on the link or send a reply message. Instead go directly to their website or log in to your account.

Always keep in mind, legitimate sites and services will not send messages asking for your passwords,OTP or financial information over mail, message or phone calls.

  • Keep Unique Passwords:

This one you may have heard before.  Always create an unique password for each account to avoid the security risk.If you use the same password to log in to multiple accounts, you may stand a chance to bigger security risk as access to one single account will lead access to other accounts as well.

I am sure you do not want that. So consider keeping unique passwords and also make sure that every password is atleast eight characters long and hard to guess.

It will be even better if you start using a password manager to help you create, safeguard and keep track of all the passwords for your online accounts.

  • Keep your Software Up To Date:

To help secure your online activity, it is important that you run the latest version of software across web browsers, operating systems and applications on all your devices. Some services like chrome browser will automatically update themselves. Other services may notify you when it’s time to update.
Tips ToStay SafeOn Internet
  • Security Check:

Just like regular heath check up, regular security check up for your device can prove to be useful. And Google itself provides that for your account.The security checkup provides you with personalized suggestions and recommendations that help you to strengthen the security.

Not only this, you will also receive useful tips time to time such as reminding you to add a screen lock or showing you what sites or apps you may have signed into using your google account.

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Tips ToStay SafeOn Internet
Tips ToStay SafeOn Internet
Tips ToStay SafeOn Internet

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