Thinking Things During AnInterview

Thinking Things During AnInterview

Thinking Things During AnInterview:

We all have to face an interview in all our lives. Starting from the school admissions where you face the first interview to the time you get the job there are numerous interviews that you need to face. While the interview is crucial there are several things that works up in your mind while you are seated on the interview chair.

There are mixed feelings while you are on the chair. You are anxious, nervous, scared trying to be optimistic, trying to hide your true feelings and appear to be confident and also want to crack the interview these are the things that is going on in your mind but apart from the obvious feelings there are certain other things that is battling in your mind and overpower your mind.

You do think about the things present in the interview room the dress and behavior of the people seated around you or the attitude and personality of the person-taking interview. There are so many things let us now dive and see the things that are in your mind.

Thinking Things During AnInterview
Thinking Things During AnInterview

Tiny Thinking of Mind

The tiny mind of yours is engrossed in many things. You are scared of the big premises and new people. Your parents on the other hand think that if the interview does not crack and you do not get admission what will you do and what will be the second option.

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They are also thinking that the kids that they met outside are not as deserving as you are or the other parents are not as dedicated as they are. The interview gets over and now the thing that is in your minds and in the minds of your parent is that they hope for the best and will patiently wait for the results and will not panic over the results.

Thinking Things During AnInterview
Thinking Things During AnInterview

Moving ahead as you grow before your college admissions again you are called for an interview. This is again the challenging one as you are alone to face the interview your parents are not there, but you are thinking that you need to make them proud of you and crack the interview.

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The thing that is in your mind apart from your admission is that you want your friend to also crack the interview. The thing that overpowers you is that you want to get a particular stream and are thinking that may the interview panelist get impressed by you and grant the admission in the stream that you want. You get admission and move forward towards other things in life.

Interview Is Innerview

Now comes the interview where you want a job for yourself. The thing in your mind is just getting the job with best location and package. The things in your mind that you get selected and the team taking your interview ask you questions at which you are a pro and you can face them with confidence and grace.

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You are scared and the thing that hovers in your mind that the your true feelings is not depicted. The thing in your mind is that what are the questions that were passed to other candidates and were they able to handle it.

Thinking Things During AnInterview
Thinking Things During AnInterview

You are focusing on your interview but at the same time at the back of your mind the thing that is in your mind is the performance of other candidates. The thing that strongly comes to your mind is what the interviewer thinking or how is he liking you or your performance.

It is complicated thing because at one time you are trying to get what things are there in the mind of others. You are engrossed with things in your mind, with things in the mind of your competitors and the things in mind of interview panel.

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Still the interview gets over you may succeed or may not, but then the things that is your mind is definitely bigger than the interview. You may lose the opportunity or gain you forget about it, but you still are thinking of the things that were in your mind during that important interview.

The things maybe small as the color of nail paint of the person taking interview but this thing stays with you and recall it with fond memory.

Thinking Things During AnInterview
Thinking Things During AnInterview

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