Things You Did Not Know About Elon Musk -The Real Iron Man

TDid you hear the joke about a man who made a small fortune in space industry?

Well..He started with a large one.

Yes. I am talking about ELON MUSK, my favorite entrepreneur of all time.

Many may raise their eyebrows and question why Musk and not Bill Gates or Steve Jobes?

I have answer for each of that question.

The best entrepreneur is just someone who is willing to change an ordinary life, by making extraordinary decisions and implementing them against all odds. Any entrepreneur who really thinks about changing the World, should be a true fighter, who will fight the pain, emotional and financial distress that may come along the way, who will think ahead of time and make people wonder-

“Is it a real thing?”

Elon Musk, the chief executive of TESLA MOTORS, SpaceX, founder of Paypal, and chairman of SolarCity, ticks all the boxes above. He is the man of wonder. He challenged the traditional practices, making way for something that was never conspired before. He is not only an entrepreneur but also an innovator, inventor, and engineer.

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Whatever sceptics have said can not be done, Elon Musk has gone out and made real.

We all are well versed in using digital wallets now. Every day money transaction has become so easy and convenient for all of us with different digital platforms. But Musk is the one to sow the seed of digital wallets with his second only venture in startup with PAYPAL.

Ever dreamt of having a house and living in MARS?? Sounds like FANTASY SCIENCE FICTION?

Well, maybe your dream is going to be real in near future. SolarCity Elon Musk thinks so. Elon Musk started thinking about creating a space exploration technology(Spacex) at the turn of this century and founded SPACEX in 2002.

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He was fascinated by an ambitious idea of of having transportation costs and enable people to colonize Mars. With back to back successful launches of his FALCON and Solarcity, is surely on his way to achieve his childhood dream-to conquer space. Colonization of Mars will soon be a reality thanks to the SPACEX’s innovation in the space industry.

Los Angeles to San Fransisco in 30 minutes?? Thanks to the Musk’s brilliant concept of fifth mode transport system called Hyperloop, that is also possible. Hyperloop is sola- power high-speed transportation system driven by linear induction and air compressor.It would be two times fater than plane and will not be limited to any schedule. That will surely change our conception about the transportation system completely.

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Another feather in his crown is launch of TESLA motors. At this time of shrinking non-renewable energy sources and growing pollution, Musk shows the path with his electric car Tesla. His Tesla motors and SolarCity companies are making a clean, renewable energy a reality.

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No doubt, Elon Musk is the real life Tony Stark portrayed in the Iron Man series. While the world has witnessed some of the genius inventors and industrialists who have gone on to change the world, there are very few of them of the calibre of Elon Musk. It is not that success and fate always accompanied him Space Xbut he never let those hurdles stall his dreams to achieve and think big.

Guys, that is Elon Musk for you, a hero who will always be remembered for making the Earth a better place to live. We can only hope that he overcomes all the hurdles both personal and professional and gift us with more such inventions that will change our life for the good, for the better. Who can say, maybe someday he will surpass the likes of Iron Man and make a better hero than him?

By – Sohini Ghosh.

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Things You Did Not Know About Elon Musk -The Real Iron Man
Things You Did Not Know About Elon Musk -The Real Iron Man

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