ThingsThat AnnoyYou ButStill AreA PartOf YourLife

What is life? Life is journey that we lead and in the journey we encounter things that we like, or we hate or we simply chose to ignore or the things that do not affect us, or things that annoy us but irony here is that the things that in spite of annoying us are a part of our life and we cannot do away with them.

I can see all resonating with this last statement. There are things that annoy us to extent but still they continue to be a part of our life. We cannot do away with them. Here is a list of those little things that annoy me as it is a subjective matter but the sad part is that in spite of being annoyed with it there is nothing much that can be done about them except for accepting them the way it is.

The weird short hand writing- well this annoys the masses at large. Life is easy with cell phone in your hand it has for sure simplified things like now to make a call you need not use a circular pad and tire your fingers round and round it was irritating and time consuming but now with a cellphone its simple just a swipe and your call is connected.

Also with auto corrections it is easy to type the message you need write a letter with pen in your hand just with your fingertips you are sorted and your smartphone is intelligent it suggests you words and if you are wrong it corrects.
ThingsThat AnnoyYou ButStill AreA PartOf YourLife

Now what annoys me is that with all the fast mode luxuries why does one need to type those short forms of words, if it continues for long a dictionary will be needed to decode those silly messages.

To me these messages are annoyance because the way it is written in codes as if some top-secret message of national security is being sent but the moment you decode it is nothing more than a really silly daily conversation.

Example is “kewl man, I lky dis” or “lol”. If the full forms would have been written it would have been easier but then it’s the generation that has taken over with the language and no matter what it will remain the same. It annoys many others and me but still do we have any option apart from bearing it sand decoding it.
ThingsThat AnnoyYou ButStill AreA PartOf YourLife

Oh! Seriousl;y even writing this was annoying me and I was actually counting the number of hastags and at the same time trying to proofread the few words that I had written and trust me it is complex task.

Now the internet is flooded with these hashtags no matter what social media you are using you get sick of these hashtags but still there is no way to avoid them and they are the part of the messages that you read and try then try to actually read the message without them, like the you read the same message written above two times.

People asking you and begging you to like their pictures- gosh that friend of yours you like her and no matter how much you care about them or are fond f them they just annoy you with this little thing that has become their habit.

They plead you to like your photo irrespective of anything. That implies you may not like the photo they had posted on the social media but still force you to like it. Not only forcing you but they plead you in its literal terms and make those cute little puppy faces.

Also what annoys me more is that they will themselves like their own photo. I mean it is nest level of self – obsession why do you like your own photo, I have so many friends and relatives who are my friends on the social media and are epitome of good looks and grace and what not but still why do you need to like your own photo or plead someone else to do that. The ones who will like your photo they will definitely hit the button as it’s just a button.

Facebook game requests- I really do love you why do you annoy me with this thing. You were my partner who helped me with homework and I would want to pay back but not in the form of accepting these game requests.
ThingsThat AnnoyYou ButStill AreA PartOf YourLife

I open my cell phone just to see that there are 20 game notification, good that you are playing this endless stupid game with immense interest but please forgive me I don’t play not do I intend to start playing it so the notification of the game is a thing that annoys me and distracts but as it was sent by a friend there is nothing much that I can do apart from accepting it as a part of life.

ThingsThat AnnoyYou ButStill AreA PartOf YourLife
ThingsThat AnnoyYou ButStill AreA PartOf YourLife
ThingsThat AnnoyYou ButStill AreA PartOf YourLife

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