Technical Gadget Things Impacting OurLife?

How Technical Gadget Things Impacting OurLife?

Experts have studied that human beings spend average of their time on multiple gadget things like telephone, radio, games, T.V and stereo system. We all use different gadget things for different purposes like playing games, watching videos, listening music, having a chat with our friends, browsing websites. We spend maximum of our time in all these activities and do not pay attention to our posture, screen brightness, and even the distance of the screen from eyes which ultimately affect our vision along with our health.

Staring at electronic screen on a continuous basis for a very long time causes distress. Human beings suffer multiple problems including eye irritation or having difficulty to concentrate for a while. And if are facing many problems to cope with screens, imagine how our child’s eyes must be going through. In this era, we cannot keep ourselves and even our children away from technical gadgets.

Technical Gadget Things Impacting OurLife?
Technical Gadget Things Impacting OurLife?

It’s really surprising that a 2 year old baby can knows how to use gadget things, similar to how a kid knows to use a feeding bottle. A study has been conducted in USA on kids that 1 out of 3 children can use a tablet or phone before they even talk, like how is this even possible? And as they are growing older, the use of gadget things will even increase. Too much gadget use can even affect the long-term vision problems. And the chances of myopia will even increase in children when they spend about 8 hours daily on technical gadgets. Let us discuss some of the major negative impacts of technical gadgets in our life:

  1. Colored Dreams: In 2008, a study organized at Scotland’s Dundee University found that the adults who is above 55 years grew up in a household with a black-and-white TV set were more likely to dream in same way. Younger candidates, who grew up in the age of Technicolor, nearly always experienced their dreams in color. The American Psychological Association seconded these findings in 2011.
  1. FOMO [Fear of Missing It]: FOMO is defined by the New York Times as “The blend of anxiety, inadequacy and irritation that can flare up while skimming social media“. Social media is bombarded with pictures and posts of scrumptious dinner, raging parties and enviable travel check-ins. These activities might not be one’s idea of fun, but when one recognizes that pang, “Should I be doing something else right now?”, that’s FOMO.
Technical Gadget Things Impacting OurLife?
Technical Gadget Things Impacting OurLife?
  1. Hurts Memory, Attention Span and Sleep Cycle: Technology has altered human psychology. It affects memory, attention spans and sleep cycles. This is attributed to a scientific phenomenon which is known as neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to alter its behavior based on new experiences.
  1. Phantom Vibration Syndrome: This is the perception that one’s mobile is vibrating or ringing when it is not. It is characterized as a tactile hallucination since the brain perceives a sensation that is not present. Psychologists suggested that physical sensations, such as an itch, may be misinterpreted by the brain as a vibrating phone. Majority of cell phone users report experiencing phantom vibrations, with reported rates ranging from 27.4% to 89%.
  1. Anxiety: Anxiety is a fear regarding future events and reaction to current events. These kinds of feelings might lead to multiple physical symptoms, like shakiness and fast heart rate. This phase is usually harmless and temporary but kids who are suffering from anxiety experience nervousness, fear and shyness. They usually try to avoid people, places and activities.

Kid shows aggression or appears tense when they cannot get online and this feeling magically goes when their devices are given back. This behavior can be very easily notice. Dr. Graham says, “Child gets upset or shows anger when by small things and when they got online they become calmer. He said parents should not the signs of agitation, anxiety and irritation in children”. Dr. Watts added: “It’s pretty normal if a child gets upset not being able to online with one’s friend, but if a child gets upset not being able to online with one’s friend, but if a child continuously shows anger or depression not being online then it’s time to start a conversation.

Technical Gadget Things Impacting OurLife?
Technical Gadget Things Impacting OurLife?
  1. Popcorn Brain: The constant stimulation from electronics makes our brain accustom to “popping”, fast-paced stream of information that we find on the internet. This is why we are becoming increasingly less adept to handle the slower pace of real life. This condition is known as “popcorn brain”.
  1. Shortened Attention Span: The constant use of technology has decreased our attention span from 12 minutes to 5 minutes. Even constant feeds and videos that are 10 minutes or less rewired our brains. People who are online on an average of 5 hours a day have trouble remembering names of people.

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