Tech Things Future Smartphone Foldable

Tech Things Future Smartphone Foldable – The Future of Phone is Foldable

Well the technology is growing at a very fast pace. The things that were only in our imaginations or lets not even in imaginations or wide imaginations have now become things of daily use.

We are using those technologies as if they are a part of us and they do not amaze us. Just like the above impossible another dream that was in the mind for years is now to be a reality.

The future has bendable tablets and smartphones to present. Just like the tables that fold or the books that fold. The market will now have smartphone that can fold in halves.

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The technology is cool and will make the child in you thoroughly amazed. A smartphone will be folded in half to get a smartphone. Samsung a pioneer manufacturer of smartphones has announced to launch foldable smartphone and has made this wild imagination a reality.

Tech Things Future Smartphone Foldable
Tech Things Future Smartphone Foldable

The Samsung has presented a display technology that will enable the tablet-sized screen to fold and become a device that is roughly of the size and shape of smartphone.

The market has already seen flexible and bendable wearable devices but a foldable smartphone is a new concept and it to be launched this year. Thus the year 2019 is to witness another mindboggling example of technological advancement.

Foldable Phones Future Phones

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However the trend analysts or the as per the market researches it is still not a viable thing, commercially flop just like the 3D televisions as they claimed to offer superior viewing experience but nothing in reality was close to this.

The thing that it would just end up being a false market claim to sell the product. Well what actually it is? Yet to be found out but definitely the smartphone manufacturers are up for the launch of foldable smartphones and are disguising the look or pricing factor of the phones.

Tech Things Future Smartphone Foldable
Tech Things Future Smartphone Foldable

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung has revealed something about its foldable smart phones that is to be launched in the market. It is expected that Samsung Unpacked Press event on the 20th of February will showcase the foldable phone.

Last year in November the company had indicated about the breakthrough and from then it was much awaited in the market. From then the market is full of rumors and some facts about the foldable phone which we have combined it here for you.

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In its developers meet in November it announced the first details about the foldable phone and declared that its screen technology will be called Samsung Infinity Flex Display but then very beautifully concealed about the phone as it did not want to reveal much as they used dim lights to hide the details of design.

The name of the model and it release were hidden. The suspense so created proved to be beneficial for the company as it is now a much sought after product.

Foldable Phone Will Not Be Cheap

The release is expected in later January or early February and we cannot wait to use the product. Well apart from other things one thing that is for sure that this foldable phone will not be cheap and the brand plans to sell around 2 million won that is around $1,791 and thus puts this phone in the category of luxurious things.

Tech Things Future Smartphone Foldable
Tech Things Future Smartphone Foldable

The phone will have two displays, a tall 4.5 inch 840 X 1960 screen on the outer part or the front part of the device with a cute foldable 7.3 inch 1536 X 2152 display on the inside. It is expected that the foldable thing will come without in display fingerprint sensor, as this advanced technology will not be compatible with sensor touch.

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Although the foldable thing came in a big black box and due to dim lights it was not possible to get a closer or proper look so the final version that will hit the market is still a mystery. It did show a few renders from the foldable device and the renders that were shown had big bezels around the center displays and the final design will need a few changes.

Foldable Phones Multi Window Phones

The terms of specs and any information of it was hidden but the UI details of the phone were shared. The layout will categorically get you automatically to the UI irrespective it is folded or open.

There will be continuity in the two displays and this is the true up gradation of the technology. This is a real cool use of technology that is if you are one app on the front screen and then open the fold this will get you on the larger inner display.

Tech Things Future Smartphone Foldable
Tech Things Future Smartphone Foldable

The device as backing from Google and on the same day it confirmed that Android will support foldable device and also had a small animation released to show its working. The foldable is the next thing as it is multitasking, multi- active window and multi size that is the demand of the hour.

Tech Things Future Smartphone Foldable
Tech Things Future Smartphone Foldable

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