Some Best PlacesTo Donate MoneyFor Welfare Organizations

Are you also wondering to donate some money to people and make their lives comfortable? Then you have arrived at the right spot that will help you to analyse and find out ways of donating money. Often, the most obvious question that bombards people is the question of authenticity.

Many people are driven to donate money in unregistered organisations where not a single percent of their contribution goes to the benefit of the needy. Donating does not need to have a lot of money but a small gesture by all the people in a nation can help to uplift the poor and needy.

This article is sure to help your problem by putting forth a number of trusted welfare organisations where you can donate your money and bask in the joy of helping poor and needy people.

Save The Children

In order to secure the better future of a nation, one needs to plan early for the accomplishment of such goals. The best way of materialising such a goal is to provide the children of any nation with basic requirements and education.
Some Best PlacesTo Donate MoneyFor Welfare Organizations

In a country like India where many people including children are going to sleep hungry, with minimal clothing even in winters, one of the best options to donate is undoubtedly the NGO named ‘Save The Children’. They not only serve to provide children with food and basic stuffs but also serve to secure their future by giving them proper education and maintain hygiene as well.

In a nutshell, they aim towards projecting their mission into child protection, health and nutrition, education, humanitarian response and disaster risk reduction and child poverty. They change the lives of 2739 children per day according to reports. Their mantra is “children first” and this makes them one of the best welfare organisations to donate. Click here to visit this website


In spite of the name, this organisation entitled Cry aims to remove hunger and poverty from the lives of children. Having branches in the UK and USA, ‘Cry’ accepts donation to make the lives better ones. They also target in vaccinating children, protecting them from malnutrition, giving them education and making sure that villages and slums are free of child labour as much as possible.

Though a relatively new organisation as compared to other ones, ‘CRY’ foundation has been doing tremendously nice job in setting forth an example and should be undoubtedly given help if someone wishes to make this country a better place to live in.
Some Best PlacesTo Donate MoneyFor Welfare Organizations

The most appealing part of this foundation is that they even have devised a simple way of letting people know where to donate and in which amount. There are packages that are listed in descending order in terms of money and if someone feels to donate an amount of their choice that does not exist in the list, they are free to do so. There are monthly and yearly options which can be availed by the donors according to their wish. Click here to visit this website

Smile Foundation

Just like the euphoric name, Smile Foundation aims to eradicate hunger, poverty and project children on the path of enlightenment through education and proper guidance. What they do is provide food and good education to children to stop them from working for their parents and improving the economy of the house.

The mission they embark on is called the Mission Education programme and has put more than 200,000 children into the path of enlightenment. With a special agenda on girl children, Smile Foundation has always dedicated a special part of their effort to provide education to girl children and to give them special care.

Last year, 22,000 children were directly provided with education through 120 centres in 21 states. 50% enrolled children were girl ones, ensuring a fair chance to all. There are slabs and one can choose freely the amount they would prefer to donate to this organisation. Click here to visit this site

HelpAge India

Even though people are aware of NGOs that takes care of the society, they often tend to forget that there are many senior citizens who need help. HelpAge India is one such organisation that has been improving the lives of senior citizens since four decades.
Some Best PlacesTo Donate MoneyFor Welfare Organizations

A brand of the HelpAge International, HelpAge India brings under one roof the diverse areas of equipping senior citizens with much needed ration to live a free life, as well as taking care of their health. HelpAge has also connections with a number of old age homes where senior citizens are taken care of and given proper medications.

They also tend to help the senior citizens overcome barriers and get rid of loneliness. Giving ration, providing them with spectacles, giving them cards on special occasions are some of the instances. They have a detailed list of their achievements and there is a document that lists down their reviews and their aim as well. Click here to visit this site

Girls Not Brides

Aimed to improve the condition of girls and stop the various sorts of assaults, Girls Not Brides is an organisation that works internationally to stop all sorts of harms and brings girls back to the path of enlightenment.
Some Best PlacesTo Donate MoneyFor Welfare Organizations

More than 95 countries are engaged globally to provide a harmless environment to girls for their accomplishment of dreams. Members are based throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the America and they share the conviction that every girl has right to life and by ending child marriage, they achieve a healthier, safer future for all girls.

Apart from all the organisations mentioned, there are a lot of other organisations as well that aim to brighten the future and lives of people and animals. The NGOs provide a tax benefit to people who donate and this is supposed to give impetus to the act of donation. Click here to visit this site
Some Best PlacesTo Donate MoneyFor Welfare Organizations

As said earlier, in order to give, one does not need to have a lot of money but only the mind to give. We can undoubtedly save a bit of money that we spend carelessly and give it to those people who need it to make their lives better. All the NGOs listed in this article are totally trusted one and really value money.

Some Best PlacesTo Donate MoneyFor Welfare Organizations
Some Best PlacesTo Donate MoneyFor Welfare Organizations
Some Best PlacesTo Donate MoneyFor Welfare Organizations
Some Best PlacesTo Donate MoneyFor Welfare Organizations
Some Best PlacesTo Donate MoneyFor Welfare Organizations
Some Best PlacesTo Donate MoneyFor Welfare Organizations

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