Soft skills- A key to your new personality

Do you hesitate to communicate with others? Did you ever feel that you lost your job just because you couldn’t answer a simple and logical question properly? Well, most of the employers these days look for skills like problem solving, adaptability, leadership and critical observation along with the technical skills. Now you must be wondering about all these words! Right! In simple words it just means soft skills or people skills.

Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change”. To work with any company or an organisation one needs excellent soft skills or management skills. Soft skills are at the core of any successful career and knowing its importance is necessary for everyone who dreams of having a successful business or career on a long term basis.

What are they?

Soft skills include people skills, communication ability, social skills, attitude, personality traits and emotional intelligence that let us work well with our partners or colleagues and help us in managing everyone and every situation properly.

Why do we need them?

One should have excellent soft skills in order to sustain in any kind of organisation. There had always been a misconception that soft skills are required only for the salespeople, entrepreneurs or people involved in big businesses. It’s required in every field. A professor and a doctor too have to communicate with their students and patients regularly and counsel them. Nothing is possible without proper communication.

Not only this, one should also be able to manage everyone when things go wrong especially when one is working in an organisation. We should not just focus on our work but also think about how well we can collaborate with others and help the company we are working in. It is the fact that we are a part and parcel of a big organisation and it’s our responsibility to solve any problem before they blow out of proportion.


Soft skills are prominent in the corporate sector and is an exquisite skill that helps to maintain a successful career as it’s all about working together as a team and going further.

National Business Education Association deems soft skills as critical for being industrious in today’s workplace. The soft skills that students need to develop today include:

  • 1. Problem solving
  • 2. Creative thinking
  • 3. Teamwork
  • 4. Decision making
  • 5. Intra-personal skills
  • 6. Inter-personal skills
  • 7. Communication skills
  • 8. Leadership skills

These skills have to be inculcated in the students from a very young age to make them ready to face any challenges in the future whether job related or entirely personal in order to increase the possibility of a successful career and life.

Benefits of learning them

Soft skills also improve our lateral thinking or the ability to think out of the box and give us a lot of freedom to make correct decisions. In this Smartphone generation many students have started using shortcuts and their own version of spellings for almost all the words and there’s no doubt that it’s spoiling their writing skills. This has to be minimized and students have to be trained properly because hard skills alone can’t make any difference.

Soft skills get little respect but will make or give you a break in your career. They develop and build a constructive future for everyone by enhancing your all-round personality.

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