Mindset OfParents AndChildren InExams Time

As parents, we want nothing but the best for our kids. We want them to achieve the best and make them capable enough to face the harsh reality of the world. We want them to get accomplished and be in a position that they can lead a comfortable and successful life.

As parents, we want the kids are happy and happiness is often compared to materialistic goals. Having attained certain degrees, attaining good education that takes your place. Getting educated in the topmost institutes and bagging the white collar jobs, or becoming doctors and engineers or the CEOs of some multinational; companies.

The cutoff marks for these institutes are like 95% and much more and the child lags behind just for some .01%, this breaks your heart and a full assessment of the whole year and the deep down some more years are done just to figure out what went wrong and how did it go wrong. Rather than appreciating what has been received we weep over the lost which in its true sense was easy to achieve.

Parents have a common notion that the kids need to study hard not to become a learned person, who is informed and aware of things and has compassion for all but only to excel academically and get good marks. Rather the parameter to judge the capability of the child and the parent is solely based on the mark sheet that the teacher crafts on the basis of the performance of the child in 2 to 3 hours by sitting in a confined room.

Mindset OfParents AndChildren InExams Time

Apart from this the other aspects like the physical, moral, emotional qualities or other abilities are all overlooked. It could be the child is super intelligent but has no interest in the studies or a particular subject but his marks will reflect that he is a failure as only passing and failing is what actually matters, rest all is nothing but just the other things.

When the parents were a bunch of kids themselves they also had dreams and aspirations that were not answered as they were forced to do good academically and were under constant pressure. In the mad race, the parents were also pushed as a result their dreams shattered. Now as a human tendency it is that we set benchmarks for us and the society also sets parameters.

We assume that once get you education complete and score good marks then you are free to live your life. But if we think deeply is it so. Money can buy vacations but can you actually trek or dive with this money. Being a part of the mad race you have become the most calculative person and you judge that time is money so rather than wasting time lets earn a bit more money and this makes you a machine.

Mindset OfParents AndChildren InExams Time

A machine that has no time to show emotions and the emotions are submerged deep down. Again the history repeats itself as the parent as certain dreams unfulfilled and as humans what we do not have is more crucial so when we become parents we make it a point to make sure that the kids are also running.

We forget that we are doing is something very wrong and again the dreams of a child are being crushed. The history will be again repeated and the next generation will again face the same dearth and deprivation in their lives as their parents did.

The parents would feel that education will fill the void of their life but it is not so, the void was due to lack of enjoying the moments and not living the moment to the fullest it is a void that would never get fulfilled irrespective of the education they get or the heights they reach.

An emotional imbalance would be in their life and the result will be a stressed person just for the reason that their parents were dissatisfied in their life. It is a vicious cycle and we need to break it.

During the examinations, more than the kids it is the parents who are stressed and the stress gets transferred to the kids. The dreams and aspirations of the parents were unleashed and then we as parents think it as our right to pressurize the kids with our dreams and let them suffer due to or mental state.

Mindset OfParents AndChildren InExams Time

The umbilical cord present at the time of birth may be physically cut off but the same remains to be connecting the parents with their kids and as a result, the child experiences the same pressure and falls for it. Depression and related issues hit the child and the child may commit suicide or lead a life for the sake of it. Thus a life that was to bloom will end just because the parents who gave birth did not nourish it aptly.

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