How ToMake Money InCollege

“INR  XXXX credited to your A/C No XXX…XXX .”

This message is enough to lit up your mood any day anytime of the year. If you already know what it is and have received this message, you must agree to the fact the feeling of receiving this message is unparalleled to everything else.

You feel  a sense of validation,  a sense of extreme joy and confidence. The amount does not matter, but that you can earn by yourself and make a difference, calls for a huge achievement. Most of us have waited for this special moment  to arrive for years and even fancied our actions once we received this message.

And finally when that moment arrives, that feeling seems no less than overwhelming and surreal. Imagine  experiencing this moment while you still are in college, imagine funding party and watching movie without nagging your parents and best of them, imagine gifting your loved ones with your money while you are in college. The joy increases by many folds.

 I am currently in my third year of graduation and have had the opportunity to savour  these joys many times in recent years. And one thing I can tell you for sure, that it does not require you to put much effort.
How ToMake Money InCollege

All you need is a positive attitude, urge for learning, perseverance and a little guidance. So dear college students, why deprive you from this immense joy and opportunity? If you still did not get any opportunity to earn by yourself, do not be upset, as I will be sharing with you the ways you can make money easily. Feeling better? Well, Let’s start then-

  • Give Tuition:

This is the most easy way to make money if you are in college. Assuming you have lots of leisure time, you can utilize it by imparting your knowledge on people who need it.  Look for school goers in your locality and offer them to teach in your expertise area.

I am sure that will work as many students need personalized attention and college students are the best to provide that. And if you are good in that, it will not take much time when you will have a room full of students.

Why fetter yourself only to local students? Now in the age of internet, if you want you can teach students from various parts of the world. There are multiple platforms where you can update your profile as a teacher and set your tuition fees.

In some other platforms the people in need post their requirements in certain subject, if you think you are fit for the post, you can contact the student  and negotiate. I had earned major part of money by giving tuition to students  living in various parts of world. Superprof, TutorPOint, Teacheron  are some of the online teaching platforms that I took help from.
How ToMake Money InCollege
  • Do Freelancing:

According to Wikipedia,  Freelancer is one who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour,day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer. What are you adept in? Are you a good writer? Can you express your thoughts in organized way?

Then you can do the writing for people who need it, and the good thing is if you can do your work well and build a good reputation, then you will get multiple opportunities to earn a handsome amount of money.

Not only writing, same applies for other useful skills as well. There are multiple domains like graphic designing, drawing, logo design, web development, app making and even sewing.

All you have to do is build a strong profile(if possible make a video showing your expertise) and prove your expertise in that field. The better your profile, better the chance that you will get request from clients. Your expertise will not hold any value if you can not make your profile strong.
How ToMake Money InCollege

It is preferable that you keep your fees low at initial stage. Once you build a good reputation and have a good number of clients, you can increase  your fees then. There are multiple freelancing platforms like Upwork, Feverr, where you can look for freelancing.

But as more and more number of people are venturing into freelancing nowadays, it may take you quite long a time before you get your first client. So perseverance is the key.

  • Do Internships:

If you are a college student, then this is one of the most preferred ways to make money.  You can do paid internships in your field of study. There are various companies that offer internship to college students.

You can apply to those companies through their job portal. Or else you can look for internships in platforms which are separately formed only for interns. Internshala, Intern Theory, Angel List , Awign are some of them.

You have to enter your preferred domain and all the internships available in that domain will be showed to you. From those you can select where you want to apply and send your resume or cv along with a cover letter. Some of these platforms even offer you the facility to work from home. 

After applying, if your resume rolls past the initial scrutiny, you will be contacted by the company via mail or phone. You may have to appear for a telephonic interview or complete some assignments before you get selected.
How ToMake Money InCollege

One of the perks of doing an internship is besides earning money, you will also receive a certificate that you can flaunt in your resume.  I had bagged my first internship via Internshala, and according to me Internshala is the best among all of them.

But make sure, you do not fall into the trap of any fake or fraud company who often deploy interns to get their job done, but after it is done, they disappear without paying or providing any money. So it is suggested that you do a little bit research about the company before devoting yourself for it.

              So do not sit idly anymore. Start with identifying your strong field and strengthening yourself in that field. In the meantime you can start applying and looking for opportunities.  What are you thinking now?

‘Just do and grow rich.’
How ToMake Money InCollege
How ToMake Money InCollege
How ToMake Money InCollege

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