General Thinking Things InA Common Man

General Thinking Things In A Common Man’s Life For A Good Foundation To The Life Journey

Life of a common man is simply too common, there are small dreams, aspirations, demands and desires that need to be fulfilled. There is no component in the life of a common man that is too big or extra ordinary.

The life is about chasing the dreams and at the same time facing the harsh realities of life. It’s a fight, and fighting the constant struggles of whereby you want to live the life that you desire but then at the same time there are basic needs that need to be fulfilled. General thinking things are things that are generally needed by a common man and he devotes all his energies to achieve these general thinking things.

These general thinking things are the things that constitute him and his very existence. A common man may lead a common life but if the things that are generally needed by him are endangered he strives with full force to achieve these common things. A man his common his thoughts are common but the way he strives to reach out to achieve his general thinking things is what makes his journey a bliss.
General Thinking Things InA Common Man

The general thinking things that exist in the life of a common man are not much they are the basic essentials that will help the common man to live, to survive, and not only this but to thrive and help him live the moment to the fullest, with his near dear ones.

The general thinking things in the life of a man are too many and just common like the common man, but the power that a common man puts in achieving the general thinking things that he thinks is too enormous and beyond comparison.

It is essential for a common man to have a family or people whom he calls his friends or can people with him he can share his thoughts and his attributes about the general thinking things.

If there is even a small hair of despair on the people in the life of the common man, this man owing to the general thinking of him does everything in his control or even beyond that help them get out of despair. A common man is common but for him his family and friends are uncommon they are the reason and season of his existence.
General Thinking Things InA Common Man

Not only the family or friends but the needs, wants and feelings of the family is also under the consideration of the general thoughts of the common man.

The general thinking things that a common thinks 24 x 7 is basically the food, clothing and shelter. Once these very basic requirements are fulfilled comes a few more essentials like education, health, family, vacations, entertainments and getting all the basic things to be a bit extra better.

Example if a common man was earlier living in a rented premises with better standard of living strives to reach to a better accommodation, now suppose the common man is in a 1 BHK, with a little more of earning strives to reach 2 BHK OR 3 BHK and is the economic conditions of the common continues to grow he decides to move to a better locality with all facilities near the home and so on.
General Thinking Things InA Common Man

The general things that a common man thinks may be common but does need a lot of rigorous and continuous efforts as up gradation is a continuous process and needs too much of dedication. There is no end or limit to the general thinking things in the life of a common man.

They move and try to move with their loved ones in the direction that takes them up in the ladder of success and success gets the better version of the general thinking things for the common man.

A common man and his earlier generations have all strived hard and given their best so that the present and the future generation does get the general thinking things with much ease but the biggest factor that being a part of upward ladder there is no limit or the upper end where one can say confidently that they have it all. Therefore living life for the moment is important for the common man.

General thinking things are general and differs from person to person and their liking. A common man may think that getting the best education for the kids is essential and the other may consider that it is only crucial to literate them.

Now the two general thinking things may seem to be same for many but has too much of difference. Education is empowerment and brings another aspect to your common personality. It makes you aware and informed and thus you become much more compassionate on the other hand literacy is just reading and writing but not compassion it brings arrogance.

A literate person may or may not be educated but an educated person is always literate. To bring the change in the life of a common man and the general thinking things are important as these general things make the common man’s life worth the while.

Now discussing the general thinking things the importance of these things can be understood by the need of these things. The demand or the gravity by which the common man needs these things define him. These are the things that fulfill the quest of his living.
General Thinking Things InA Common Man

For living its just not food, clothing and shelter, its family, dreams, accomplishments, outings, vacations, small desires and getting them fulfilled. Importantly a common man is not only about the general thinking things but it’s the emotions that are attached to these common things.

Had it not been the emotions the general thinking things would have lost their essence. Thus its all related and in a cycle, general thinking things, need and emotions for them and the common man are in the same cycle, and they constitute him and his being.

Title Things
General Thinking Things InA Common Man
General Thinking Things InA Common Man
General Thinking Things InA Common Man

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