Certain Things Spread Quickly, But Recover Slowly When Discovered That It is Affecting The Society Negatively

Habits don’t change and there are certain things that get imbibed in our lives so much so that getting them out is like bringing the revolution. Certain things were invented to make our lives convenient or are cheaper options but then there are stances that these convenient and cheap things make our lives all the more difficult and expensive.

The biggest example in this is the invention of plastic. In the ancient times things were wrapped in paper or leaves but then both were not reusable and millions of the trees were cut to use the leaves or make paper. Then to avoid the problems that were faced because of paper or leaf packaging there came the plastic bag.

Initially, it looked so fancy and could be reused and thus was desired, companies started to get fancy bags with the name of the company and logo in the market. However slowly it was noticed that these plastic bags are a threat to the society and are not bio- degradable so should be avoided.

Certain Things Spread Quickly But Recover Slowly When

Now the same companies charge you for the plastic bags and if you do not use the plastic bag they say you ‘Thank You’. A whole revolution has started to avoid the use of plastic and even Government has imposed laws banning the use of plastic packaging. Plastic was not bad but the overuse of plastic and the cheap quality of plastic was major issue. Thus it is sad that a thing that was for our convenience became a thing of threat for the coming generations.

Cellphones Complusary To Everyone

Communicating with your loved ones when they are far or seeing them when they are at different location even if they were overseas or in a different time zone. The invention of mobile happened. However this mobile ate away the relations. Now even when in a room we are busy with the mobile and are communicating with mobile to our family members or friends in the same room by liking the photo or wishing birthday.

Again the intention of the mobile thing was not wrong but the use was wrong and this has to change. Search engines helped you with information of all sorts in just a click but then these search engines are now being used for simple tasks like “how to make braids or use soap to wash hands”. It was the artificial intelligence that was meant to support you has now become your natural intelligence and this is creating issues.

Certain Things Spread Quickly But Recover Slowly When

Using calculator for complex calculations is a needful task but when the same calculator is used for simple things like “36-34”, then it should matter as it is stopping the growth of your brain and your thoughts. Again the cellphone or calculator was the need of hour but making it your life by over use is the problem and this has to be avoided at all costs.

Things that are meant to be comforts of your life should never rise up to the position of being necessity. There is a thin line of difference but has huge impact. Therefore while using technology use it only when needed but not be on the technology 24 X 7 or a revolution will be needed to save you from the bad effects that it is posing on you.

Things spreading easily

Having food joints or fast food joints was bring some convenience in life but then these food joints that bring so many diseases in our life obesity, sugar, high blood pressure, vitamin deficiency has become a part of our life.

They have imbibed in our life so much that in spite of knowing their demerits it is getting difficult for us to avoid them. Eating food out in these joints is not wrong but getting addicted to these foods and inviting diseases in life is wrong. There always has to be limitations, or else we again become the uncivilized.

Certain Things Spread Quickly But Recover Slowly When

However it is not the thing that should be cribbed about. However, it is rather essential that the attitude that we have while using the things that needs to be changed. It is an old saying “excess of anything is bad” and this holds its true essence in today’s world. We are becoming puppets and losing the essence of life.

Things, used with brains and with proper rationing then it is for sure it will never interrupt with our living style and harm us. In any case moral policing is the most essential thing for the smooth functioning and stability of the society. it also holds true that “necessity is the mother of invention”, so if a thing was invented it is of use but over use of the thing and reaching to the point of saturation is harmful and this should be kept well within control.

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