Celebrity Things Impacting onSocial things

Celebrity Things Impacting onSocial things, Social Media Things Impacting On Youth

The term celebrity is quite common and is used so much by us. The word celebrity means fame and attention from public conferred by mass media to individuals or groups. This fame also helps the celebrity to earn.

Thus basically the thing is that a celebrity is a person who has media attention due to their lifestyle, wealth, professional life (actors, sports person, models) or due to connection with a celebrity.

Celebrity Things Impacting onSocial things
Celebrity Things Impacting onSocial things

Thus it is understood by now that celebrity’s impact on the lives of others and as name, all desires fame, money, and media attention. The common masses get attracted towards the celebrity. Now the celebrity does things to remain in the attention of the public with the help of mass media.

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The media also, in turn, highlights the things associated with the celebrities as a news feed. This makes it a familiar cycle, but the fact is that a thing that is associated with celebrities has a great impact on society as a whole. Also doing a particular thing could make you celebrity and then again it becomes the rage of the society and it overall becomes a thing of the society.

Celebrity Things Impacting onSocial things
Celebrity Things Impacting onSocial things

This can be viewed as if a celebrity dresses up in a particular style of dress, say kurta with jeans this comes in the rage and the society accepts it as a fashion statement.

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This is commonly viewed the celebrity that you follow or like it has a particular fashion statement you also try to ape the same fashion. Thus the celebrity thing impacts the social thing. It has been seen in the society that if there are things that is done by celebrity slowly and gradually it becomes the social thing.

Celebrity Things Common Social Things

There are changes that have been witnessed in the society after the same change has been in the celebrity circle or the change that has made the person a celebrity.

Certain things spreading easily

Suppose thing like surrogacy was not acceptable in the early years of its start. Then gradually the celebrities start to use surrogacy as a common means and thus it becomes commonly accepted and even the society accepts it.

Then even the common masses opt for surrogacy and thereby it becomes a social thing. Therefore it has been seen that the changes in social things are mostly due to the celebrity thing.

Celebrity Things Impacting onSocial things
Celebrity Things Impacting onSocial things

Now it is the youth or the generation that will soon be the youth that is most impacted by the by the celebrity things that have already been in a rage and has become the social thing. Thus the social thing is now the calling of the youth, therefore good or bad it is the thing that affects and shapes the youth mostly.

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The celebrity and the things that are done by them inspire the youth and this is the reason that the celebrity thing was the social thing, therefore, it is all connected. If a player wins the Gold medal in Olympics for shooting, then he becomes a celebrity in no time.

Anything and everything is done by the celebrity player inspire the youth who is inspired by celebrity things. Few try to become player in that sport which was till date a lost game or a game that was not much in limelight. This is the power of celebrity thing in impacting the youth. The celebrity thing inspires and aspires the youth as they are role model for the youth.

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Celebrity Statements Impacts Socially

It has been witnessed many a times that if a celebrity puts up a comment that is not liked by a particular class or is not in favor of the society as a whole then it is asked to the celebrity to take back the statement as it will have negative impact on the society.

Thereby it is expected by the celebrities to put up their statements or behavior in a manner in front of the society in a manner that if accepted by the society it helps the society to progress and not retard its progress.

Celebrity Things Impacting onSocial things
Celebrity Things Impacting onSocial things

Now this progress could be in terms or finances or thoughts. As society evolves and reaches at a stage where it is best to live in. it is better to evolve in the path of growth and not retard and a wrong display of actions or beliefs by the celebrity can malign the youth as they are in their formative years and are inspired by the celebrity.

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Therefore a celebrity needs to be responsible while putting up statements, as it will drive a whole generation of youth. Therefore it may attract all towards the celebrity things but as a celebrity you need to have cautions of what you say or do, or else the same mass media will take no mercy on you and take away the status of being celebrity from you. It is all connected, celebrity things becoming the social things and then becoming things that is done by the youth.

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Celebrity Things Impacting onSocial things
Celebrity Things Impacting onSocial things

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