Leadership IsThe Dependent Direction

Leadership IsThe Dependent Direction

What is Leadership? Leadership must have the best vision for future and currently needed things that are dependent on the leader

Leadership is the act of leading a group of people or organization. Being a leader is about providing guidance and direction to a group of people. Leaders provide themselves and others a way to do right things, but at times what is the right thing is a big dilemma, a thing that is right for one may not be right for other.

A leader just motivates the team and followers to do things. A leader decides the thing and justifies the followers that it’s the right thing.

A corporate leader when asks his team mates to achieve a following target asks them to leave no stone unturned to achieve the target. He expects the team members to work for some extremely long hours in situations of utmost stress and there is panic.

Not achieving a target is too big a thing as it is correlated to failure and failure is simply not acceptable. Therefore the teammates work meticulously and under extreme pressure not even thinking of the health hazards that it could actually pose on them.

Hypertension, nervous breakdown, diabetes and what not are the health issues that working under such extreme pressure could bring it on the team members but then it’s the motivation of the leader that does the magic and the team members do not fail to achieve the goal.

There could be different leaders like religious leadership, political leadership, leadership for campaigns or community leadership. Thus the leadership is about providing a vision to the followers for future.

The leader should have following things to be a transformational leader. However on the first hand a transformational leader is an effective leader who can in real sense lead his lead and achieve goals. In order to achieve this thing the leader should have the following qualities:

  1. The ability to create an inspirational vision for future.
  2. Motivate and inspire people to get committed towards the vision.
  3. Ensure the accomplishment of this vision.
  4. Coaches and encompasses a team that is effective with their task who can actually achieve the vision.

The main thing that a leader needs to do here is bringing together these skills and achieves the goal. The leader is dynamic and can influence the followers to upscale their abilities and work to achieve the goal, rather put goal above all things and even them.

Leadership IsThe Dependent Direction

Now it is clear that a leader has very important role to play thus the leader whom you follow should be totally worth your efforts. A leader can either be a positive one or a negative one.

Example a leader can motivate the followers to achieve a social cause, or a goal for an organization or a leader of a religious group can ask the followers to do some rituals or worships of a particular type, or there could be a political leader who could ask his followers to vote for a particular political organization and stand by its side in all the times, or there could be a leader of a anti-social group with some negative aspects in their heart and soul.

These group leaders motivate their followers to do lay their lives and that of many to achieve a goal that is never ever in the favor of humanity or serves well being of any person.

This leadership works to reframe the mindset of people who follow them and they rather than guiding them misguides them and the whole scenario is negative and it hurts all. It serves no good purpose; still the motivation of the leader is so strong that in spite of knowing the fate the follower is ready to do the task.

A suicide bomber is aware that his act will kill many including himself but his brain works just with the instruction of the leader and he is totally sure of the work and performs the task. He knows that what he is doing is not good but still performs the act without any hesitation. This is the power of leadership. There are no questions asked its just commitment to do the work and achieve the goal.

Leadership IsThe Dependent Direction

A good leader and bad leader the thus clear to find out one whom you can trust and follow his vision and the other sand is not worth following and you need to follow your instincts and not go blind behind your following.

A good leader cares for you and assures your well being and the well being of humanity as a whole. He is positive and adds to the society rather than taking back something that he cannot restore,

It’s a matter of great responsibility to be a leader and also to follow a leader who is worth the effort.

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Leadership IsThe Dependent Direction
Leadership IsThe Dependent Direction
Leadership IsThe Dependent Direction

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