1O Years Challenge- Now And Then

2000 to 2019. 10 years. Hundreds of changes. Some major change and some minor ones. Changes  in our lifestyle, in our countries and our environment. Both  good and bad.

The very recent, very popular, famous and our timeline inundating ’10 Years Challenge’ is nothing but comparing the changes within this 10 years time frame and projecting the difference. But as it seems, this challenge is bringing out the funny part in everyone and making it hilariously enjoyable. Have not seen it yet? Oh boy, then you have to be a little more active on social media.

Seen it, but have not participated yet? You are an exception really.  Both seen and participated? Thank you for making us laugh . For your kind information, not only us, many well known celebrities got hooked to this challenge and as a result we got a rare insight into their lives 10 years ago and now. Not all trends are bad, what do you say?

General Thinking Things

Enough  talking already. Now let’s dive into this and discuss about some important and interesting changes that have caught my attention.

  • Mobile Phones, Then and Now:

Back in 2009, mobile phone was mostly a facility that we were getting accustomed to, though for majority of people, affording it was still a luxury. But now, mobile phone is more than necessity to us, we can’t imagine spending an hour without having our phone, leave a day.

Things That Annoy you but still

Thanks to the brilliant evolution in the tech world, mobile has become a ‘One Stop Solution’ for each of our problems. It has become an alternative to ‘Entertainment’. Whereas back in 2009, most of the phones came with keypad system, a small screen for making and receiving calls and occasionally a camera (in name only, quality was not a priority)  and a snake game for maximum,  mobile nowadays has everything you could not have even imagined back in 2009. Want to watch a movie?

No problem, sign into youtube and sit back. Getting bored? Is that even a problem? Play highly rated games that feels like real life. Listen to songs. Watch Football. Connect with your loved ones within seconds via video call and whatsapp. Order tasty dishes to be delivered  home.

Mind set of Parents And Children

Do shopping from home.  If that does not entertain you, I do not know what will. While keypad equipped phones are a rarity now, majority of people all over India and other developed and developing countries own slim looking smart phones that works on human touch. No doubt our mobile phones have gone ‘smart’, but if we could match up to our phones is still a matter of debate.

  • Selfie:

If you had asked ‘What is selfie?’ to any person back in 2009, he would most probably frown and look at you to understand what language you are speaking in. But now, you will have to use a magnifying glass to look for a person who has not taken a single selfie atleast.

And anyone who does not have any idea about selfie is a victim of extreme ridicule, such is the relevance of this trend. Selfie is not alone though, it has come with its whole bunch of crazy family that have got all of us addicted. ‘Groupie’, ‘Backfie’,’Belfie’  are the name of the few ones to start with.

Soft skills – A key to new personality

Though this crazy trend of clicking one’s picture on our own have met with many funny antics, its deadly addiction has also made people prone to accidents causing many unfortunate deaths.

  • From Paperback to Kindle:

Thinking of reading a book from a mobile screen or laptop screen made us cringe 10 years ago. Or should I say we could hardly imagine there will come one day when we will be reading a book from screen. It may be hard to believe, but it is reality now in 2019.

Certain things spread quickly

Though reading books from kindle is convenient most of the times barring us from carrying heavy books and maintaining it, we surely do miss the smell of the pages, that beautiful feeling of touching and flipping the pages and showcasing it in our favourite bookshelf.

But the good news is, Kindle is going out of its way to make  our reading experience more realistic and friendly. But I doubt if that can surpass the feeling of reading it from actual book. Well, time can only answer that. Till then, happy reading.

How to create a website

  • Netflix and an evolution:

Today ‘Binge watch’ is considered as an activity , thanks to this digital stream giant- Netflix. Before we get into the evolution thing, first we should know what binge watch is.

Mostly common and relevant to our gen-y, for the uninitiated, this is the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television programme  in a rapid succession, typically by means of digital streaming. Netflix is a digital platform where you can watch various web series just like you used to watch on television in exchange of a fixed amount of money every month, but the major difference between the two is, unlike tv, here you do not have any scheduled timing for web series, rather you can watch those at the time of your convenience.

In this fast paced, busy life, this difference has brought in a major fortune for Netflix clocking million of viewers, and if it goes like this, the viewers number can exceed the subscribers of television in years to come. ’13 Reasons Why’, ’Breaking Bad’, ‘House Of Cards’, ‘Sacred Games’, ‘Bird Box’ are name of some of the most popular creations of Netflix and this major success of Netflix has given rise to a throng of other digital platforms like-‘Hotstar’, ‘Amazon Prime’,’Hoichoi’ to make leverage of the advantage and as a result television has already started loosing its subscribers.

Before Every Financial Year 31st March

And for most of the young people, television is now as non-existent as a landphone is. No doubt Netflix and other digital platforms  is occupying this space so smart and quickly, television has to come up with some really brilliant strategies to float.

  • Shopping and home connected:

There could not be a better solution for people who averted shopping because of the crowd, because of the exhaustive activity it was back in 2009. But as I already said, our amazingly advanced technology has solution for each and every one. And what a brilliant solution it has been! You hate going to market and shopping in the jostling crowd? No problem, we are taking the market to you, right where you are sitting right now.  

This could sound like a joke 10 years ago, but not anymore. Big online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Walmart, Zabong  have made this possible bringing to you latest of commodities at a surprisingly reasonable rate. You want it? They have it. All you have to do it is to scroll the long pages full of your required items and order the one you want just by a click. And within few days, your ordered item will be delivered at your door step. Is not it absolutety amazing?

Celebrity things impacting

  • Shrinking Ice bergs and diversity:

Now this is the only 10 years challenge that we should be talking and be concerned about. Despite our brilliant technological and scientific progress, are we doing enough to save our mother nature? Are we doing enough to prevent the environment from deteriorating every passing day? Are we taking enough measures to save the extreme rare species to go completely extinct?

The answer would be no. This scenario is pretty prominent from the given stats by respective scientists, who have already showed how the icebergs in the poles have melted in the last 10 years to give rise to water level and how various rare species are moving towards extinction, some already been doomed in this 10 years.

Why Varanasi visit

 This is the high time we give proper attention to this crisis and rather than wasting our time on this challenge , take another challenge to help our mother nature restore and not destroy.

Title Things

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